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Are You Checking Your Smoke Detectors?

Are you checking your smoke detectors? How often should you test your smoke detectors? To keep your home safe, you should be testing your smoke detectors twice a year. This is a very easy process to do. Every smoke detector, whether it be battery operated or electrical, has a test button on it. Simply push the "Test" button and you should hear the alert of your smoke detector. If by chance you do not hear the high pitched, loud sound of your smoke detector, there are a couple reasons why. 1. Your battery is dead. 2. The Smoke Detector is bad. 3. There is an issue with the connection (in the case of an electrical smoke detector). If you have changed the battery and tested your smoke detector and do not hear it sound, you should contact an electrician.  A good Electrician will locate the issue and suggest the best solution.